4/8/20221 min read

Our feature in the Spring 2022 'Concrete Quarterly' article by The Concrete Centre allowed us to exhibit how our carbon negative alternative replaces cementitious materials in concrete and could enable carbon neutral concrete.

The Concrete Centre is part of the Mineral Products Association and provides material, design and construction guidance with the aim to enable all those involved in the design, use and performance of concrete to realise the potential of these materials. Each issue of the Concrete Quarterly magazine presents an article on innovation through an interview with the researcher; we spoke with Tony Whitehead and explained how the evolution of Seratech began from a conversation in a South Kensington pub and has now reached success with creating concrete bricks at a laboratory scale. This concrete is composed of cement which contains silica powder as a replacement for Portland cement and the CO₂ ends up permanently sequestered in a by-product, magnesium carbonate.

We are overjoyed to be featured among other innovators in the 'Innovative concrete' sector of Concrete Quarterly and are excited to start scaling up our production of carbon negative concrete.

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