4/29/20222 min read

The Green Construction Board's Low Carbon Concrete Group has reached the culmination of more than two years of work and have launched the Low Carbon Concrete Routemap Report. The Routemap examines how the infrastructure industry can use the latest tools, technologies, and materials to continue using concrete while working towards a zero carbon future and makes recommendations for the industry and government to achieve their climate change goals.

The concrete challenge we face is how can we continue to benefit from using concrete when the active ingredient is such a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. The Routemap lays out the steps which need to be taken to achieve the idealised reduction rate for embodied carbon in concrete to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Within the scheme, improvements on how we make concrete is the final step to achieving net zero; this is where the Seratech technology makes this goal attainable. In the Routemap, Seratech is used as a case study for how we can make the synthesis of concrete carbon neutral as well as demonstrating its efficacy in carbon sequestration, capture and use. The novelty that distinguishes the Seratech process above others is the production of magnesium carbonate from the process, which means it has implications in other zero carbon construction materials and consumer products which currently have high CO₂ emissions and are not economically feasible.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our technology to the construction industry and be involved in setting the agenda for a path to net zero. The Routemap signifies that collaboration between industries is critical to achieve the idealised reduction rate for concrete CO₂ emissions by 2050 and we are delighted to see our technology being implicated in something which has the potential to make substantial changes for the global carbon footprint of concrete.

We are excited to be included in the Routemap and to have been part of the conference to watch our technology being showcased and believe the prospect of the Routemap has fantastic implications for the future of net zero construction.

To read the full Routemap please visit https://www.ice.org.uk/media/q12jkljj/low-carbon-concrete-routemap.pdf

To watch the recording of the conference please see https://www.ice.org.uk/events/past-events-and-recordings/recorded-lectures/low-carbon-concrete-routemap-launch/y post content