9/12/20221 min read

Both Founders, Barney Shanks and Sam Draper, and Chairman, Mike Cook, of Seratech spoke with Martin Hurn and Dr Oliver G.F. Jones in the 'Net Zero Guilt Free Concrete?' podcast about the innovation of Seratech cement and how, by using this technology, we can reduce the global CO₂ emissions that come from cement in concrete.

FutureX is a series of podcasts delivered by Futurebuild, in partnership with Ryder Architecture, where inspiring people discuss many critical issues and challenges that our industry and our planet are currently facing. The podcast series provides helpful commentary on ways we can reduce up-front construction carbon and we talk about how we can deliver zero carbon concrete. Replacing Portland cement with a Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) that we synthesize in the laboratory is something that is novel to SCM production for use in cement as conventional SCMs are waste products. As explained in the podcast, our silica SCM is not a waste product and the way cement is created means industrial CO₂ gases are sequestered. This makes a promising step towards achieving net zero and sustaining construction.

This is the thirteenth podcast in the FutureX series and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to feature in this series to share our approach to reaching net zero alongside other individuals who share this passion too.

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