Seratech joins panel discussions at FOOTPRINT+, The Institute of Concrete Technology, UK Construction Week, Concrete Expo, and Low Carbon Concrete Group event

By Seratech

5/23/20242 min read

It's been a busy few weeks for Seratech as Sam Draper, CEO, was invited to contribute to round table discussions at several high profile events aimed at decarbonising the built environment.

Sam Draper, took to the stage at FOOTPRINT+, widely touted as the world's most advanced international conference for the decarbonisation of the built environment, where he contributed to a discussion about insurance, warranties and the struggles that new construction materials may face when entering the supply chain. He spoke alongside, Rachel Norris, Senior Vice President at Lockton LLP. According to Sam, the general consensus was that "while there is increasing willingness to ensure new building materials on the part of insurers, the underwriters who evaluate and analyse the risks involved, are often responsible for holding back progress".

The subject of insurance was also hotly debated at a low carbon concrete seminar delivered to the construction insurance sector and hosted by WTW in the City of London. In his argument, Sam spoke about the need to speed up the key role insurance plays in transitioning to a low carbon future. The event was created as part of the UK Lower Carbon Concrete Group Workstream 11 seeking to address the risks of emerging cement and concrete technology.

Last month, the Institute of Concrete Technology held its 52nd annual convention in a room filled with over 100 delegates in the construction industry. Sam delivered a talk on decarbonising cement via engineered SCMs and carbon mineralisation. One observation that came from an audience member "was that there appear to be no 'smoke and mirrors' in Seratech's technology". The Institute's mission is to promote concrete technology as a recognized engineering discipline and to advance the professional status of practicing concrete technologists worldwide. This ICT Convention was different from previous events as it underwrote the ICT's ongoing commitment to the pursuit of Net Zero Carbon Concrete.

Earlier in the year Sam attended the UK Concrete Show and UK Construction Week's Concrete Expo where he gave presentations at both events about transforming CO2 into sustainable cement. Sam highlighted the challenge faced by innovators like Seratech is to make sure the technology tightly fits the parameters required by all stakeholder in the concrete value chain, so that it can also offer benefits in terms of performance, material availability or cost.