Seratech participates in carbon capture and mineralisation podcast hosted by Engineering Matters Awards following gold and silver win

6/20/20241 min read

To listen to the full podcast, please follow the link:

Around the world, 8% of CO2 emissions come from the production of concrete, and 90% of those emissions come from the production of cement. This episode highlights the groundbreaking work of Engineering Matters Awards Gold Champion Seratech, a company pioneering the use of carbon capture technology in concrete production.

Their innovative process uses the abundant mineral olivine to capture CO2 during cement production, resulting in byproducts such as silica and magnesium carbonate. These byproducts not only reduce the carbon emissions of concrete but also serve as valuable materials for construction, making this approach a potential game-changer for the industry.

Seratech materials are still in the early stage of development, however the future potential of Seratech’s technology and its impact on the construction industry’s carbon emissions could revolutionise the construction industry.

Seratech received the Gold Innovation Champion Awards at the 2024 Engineering Matters Awards, and Silver Champion in the Net Zero category. Entries for next year’s awards are now open.

Image source: Shutterstock