Seratech Raising for Seed Round

The cement industry is responsible for almost 3bn tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. It’s time to move away from linear consumption of materials to something more circular” – Sam Draper, Seratech CEO.

By Seratech

3/28/20241 min read

On 11 March 2024 Seratech officially opened a £3.7m Seed round.

Its patent-pending technology is a low-energy, circular process that transforms industrial CO2 into next-generation building materials, cutting emissions by up to 95% . Long term, Seratech will maximise its impact by licensing its technology to large industrial emitters.

Seratech is a spin-out of Imperial College London, where the idea for Seratech was conceived by co-founders Sam Draper and Barney Shanks who are now the CEO and CTO of Seratech, respectively.

The R&D work to date has been funded by £1.8m in grants, and allowed the team to grow to ten. Recent additions in 2023 add to the team’s technical and commercial capabilities, with backgrounds in process engineering, chemistry and communications.

The Seed round will enable Seratech to build its first Pilot facility and operate this for two years. Sequestering 200 tonnes of CO2 per annum, the Pilot will de-risk the key engineering aspects of the process ahead of further scale-up.

Sam Draper, CEO, commented: “We are delighted to be starting this Seed round and advance Seratech towards commercialisation. This idea has huge potential, and a Pilot is the first step towards proving this technology can be deployed at a global scale and mitigate millions - or even billions - of tonnes of CO2 emissions.”

Barney Shanks, CTO, commented: For climate change at large, we need a second industrial revolution where we move away from linear consumption of materials to something that is more regenerative and circular - more holistic. We have tried to do that with how we’ve designed our process and intend to carry that philosophy through to our first Pilot.”