Seratech wins Innovation Zero's Award for Most Promising New Solution in the Built Environment

Seratech was delighted to scoop award at Innovation Zero.

By Seratech

5/20/20241 min read

Sam Draper, Seratech CEO, was delighted to be called onto the stage at the Innovation Zero Awards, the UK's largest net-zero congress, earlier this month to collect a stunning trophy for 'Most Promising Solution for the Built Environment'.

Director of the Awards, Nastasya Savina said: "Our project began with a commitment to help climate start-ups overcome their greatest hurdle: securing that pivotal first sale. We've proved the magnitude of this challenge".

The purpose of Innovation Zero is to accelerate meaningful action towards a low carbon economy and society​​. By building and connecting a global network of innovators, funders, policymakers and non-state actors across disciplines, siloes and geographies, the event is designed to give a platform to leaders who inspire change​.