By Olivia Simmonds

6/15/20221 min read

Seratech, the material science company that have created a bespoke cement mix to replace the traditional Portland cement in concrete, pitched their technology at The Greenhouse Demo-Day on 15th June 2022.

The Centre for Climate Change Innovation (CCCI) is an initiative of the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London and The Royal Institution to catalyse innovation of all forms that address the causes and effects of climate change. The CCCI held the second Greenhouse demo-day in the historic lecture theatre at The Royal Institution and provided a fantastic opportunity for investors and supporters of climate innovation to hear pitches from and network with climate positive start-ups.

The mission of The Greenhouse is to support the growth of young, sustainable businesses looking to tackle climate change; we feel honoured to have been able to present our technology alongside other ambitious teams, talk to like-minded individuals, and answer questions from the attendees. PhD student and Co-Founder of Seratech, Barney Shanks, presented the Seratech technology to the audience describing how we have "completely decarbonised concrete", a material humans have been building with for millennia despite the production of cement being heavily carbon intensive.

"At Seratech, we have taken a different approach to replacing cement in concrete and this process allows us to deliver a new class of infrastructure materials derived from waste CO₂ as well as achieving net zero emissions from concrete production", says Shanks.

We would like to thank Naveed Chaudhry, the Co-Founder and Head of The Greenhouse, alongside the rest of the team at The Greenhouse for working closely with Seratech over the past year and for giving us a fantastic foundation to scale-up our business.

To watch the full demonstration day please visit